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When we first began to make shave ice in 2010, the concept to the Hu'i Hu'i Shave Ice was not a new concept.


We remember the stories we learned of how ice blocks were brought down from the mountains of Hawaii in the winter and stored in a cave called ‘Himuro’ which in Japanese and means ‘Ice room’.

At that time ice was considered rare and shave ice was a luxury, a treat reserved for royalty only. The modern form of shaved ice we know and love today is believed to have been invented in the port town of Yokohama, Japan in 1869-1870. 


Due to its popularity, by the 1920’s shave ice was a common attraction in stores throughout the Hawaiian Islands.


Our goal at Hu'i Hu'i Shave Ice has always been to offer an authentic Hawaiian shave ice treat locally to the California community.


In the early years of the company, we knew that soon there would most likely be a pop-up shave ice stand everywhere, and fast forwarding to today, we knew were were right. Today there are Shave Ice, Shaved Ice, and Snow Cone stands are all across the world.  For the family at Hu'i Hu'i Shave Ice, our focus has always been on the Authentic Flavors.

Shave ice or Hawaiian shave ice is an ice-based dessert made by shaving a block of ice.


While the resulting product can resemble a snow cone, Snow Cones are made with crushed, rather than shave ice. On the Big Island of Hawaii, it is also referred to as 'ice shave', though both terms (ice shave and shave ice) are used by locals.Hawaii's shave Ice tradition began in the early 1900's when Japanese immigrants started selling Kakigori, a sweetened shaved ice, to Hawaiian plantation workers.

Throughout the early years of travels throughout the Hawaiian islands in search of the best Authentic Flavors, our search kept leading us back to a little surfers village just outside of Honolou. After finding this small family run business with lines a far as the eye can see on any given day, we asked that family if we could create these authentic flavors in concentrate and sell them back home to California.

The rest is history. 

Our company's initial goal was to provide Authentic Hawaiian Style Shave Ice to the western US, we have since grown to include Hawaiian Shave Ice,  750ml. Ready to use syrups, 4oz. Flavor Concentrates, Mobile Catering with our new Solar Powered Flavor Trailer™  to the US public.


After several years of dedication to the local shave ice industry and it's most requested flavors, we have found our Top 12 Flavors, and we will always bring along some others from 
our 125 flavors shop for additional fun at your event.

In 2020, our hope is attend large events where we can create shave ice treats for all. 

Upon recently purchasing Hu'i Hu'i from it's original owner in 2018, our mission was to bring Authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice Flavors from 
Hawaii to California and in doing so, we can keep this Original Hawaiian Style Tradition alive for generations to come.

Let Us Rock your next event

Don't let your next celebration melt! Live cool with Hu'i Hu'i Shave Ice.  We’ll bring aloha spirit and a taste of the islands to your event. Think of it as paradise in a cup. From weddings to corporate and private parties our island feel will wow your guest.


We can also host “Over 21” parties by adding your favorite adult beverage over our shave ice.


 Keeping it Green ... 

We purchase our cups, napkins, and yes, now even straws that are 100% recyclable or bio-degradable.


We do so in large quantities to keep our cost per 
serving at a flat rate. 

We love this business and often we hear about our exceptional service and hospitality.

We appreciate your support over the last 10 years.

2019 - 2020 Season

While maintaining to be a company that offers the best tasting syrups and ice, we know that the next generation concession trailers will be heavily restricted as those smelly diesel generators will be found on almost every street corner.

We believe OUR FLAVOR TRAILER(SM) will exceed our every expectation.


... If you have read thus far in our journey, let us tell you about the Flavor Trailer that we are creating for our 2020 Season.


We started with a new 14' Wells Cargo Fastrac with a punched out front (V-Nose). We added a floating All Weather Proof (wind, fire, & rain) floor in a bright weathered grey color, along with a pairing of lower base Esquire cabinets, and a stylish counter-top to finish it off.

We have 2 mounted 2 Swan Shave Ice Machines mounted inside,(one on Batteries, on on dc),

New Refrigerator to keep the toppings at ready temp, Bottle Chiller, 2 new chest freezers and a whole array of so much more, all to be powered from the sun as much as possible once completed. Having an all Solar or primarily Solar Concession Trailer will go far to show that green is good and possible. The mobile concession business is forcasted to grow to nearly double in the next few years, and we see that trend taking front stage as well. Mobile food will e everywhere, but on a hot day, Authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice will take you to a different state of mind.


Knowing that we would be in hot weather in our prime season, we added a floor mounted LG 14,000 BTU Air Conditioner. 
We chose a model to save the space up top for our Upper Deck to come in the next Phase. We have enough Solar to cover the necessary areas in the Upper Deck which we will be connecting in phase 2, which when connected to the hybrid gel core battery bank, will provide enough stored and accumulated energy to perform off-grid for about 4 days. Coupled with the fact that normally Shave Ice sells the best when the sun is shining, we should have an off-grid self powered Flavor Trailer we hope to resupply daily. We still have our smaller generator and this new one that will recharge our batteries quickly, and being a Hybrid generator with one of the lowest emissions output on the market.


We'll keep you updated on our Blog Page for the latest details and photos of this trailer transformation.

Updates: We have a new Dual Fuel design generator custom mounted, which we will use for additional and backup power as needed in the Flavor Trailer. Offering power all through 220v, this hybrid design American Made generator will ties in nicely with our concept Flavor Trailer and media equipment.

The Journey Continues into 2020 and Beyond >>  

Blue Hawaii Authentic Shave Ice Flavors
Bahama Mama - Hui Hui Shave Ice offers Authentic Shave Ice Flavors

Do you need an eye catching label for your Un-Wine or Syrup Bottle?  We offer our full flavor line of labels through our Print Portal.


Are you looking to enhance your own brand name? We can help you with a custom design label line with your business logo or brand.  Use this Contact Link to learn more.


In our Flavor Shop, we offer over 100 Concentrates and when in season, we also offer our Award Winning Flavors in quart size bottles along with labels you can choose and shop for in our Label Portal.

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